AV Tech | Operator
Casual Audio Visual Technician / Operator
Too many other things to worry about without adding equipment operation to the list? We get it, which is why our casual audio visual technicians/operators are available to help you out. They can operate your lights, sound or vision, managing basic audio visual tasks and responsibilities for a 1 - 4 hourly rate, or a 4 – 8 hourly rate. Contact us for more details.
Professional Audio Visual Technician / Operator
Want your event to go off without a hitch? Our professional audio visual technicians/operators can operate your lights, sound and/or vision, managing complex lighting operations or audio/video mixing or monitoring. This service is available for a 1 - 4 or 4 - 8 hourly rate. Contact us for more details.
Please note we reserve the right to upgrade your quote or invoice from casual audio visual technician/operator to professional audio visual technician/operator, depending on the tasks and responsibilities required for your specific event. But don’t worry, we’ll never do it without your say-so, and will advise you of any changes before your event.