Weddings, Parties, Corporate Functions and Beyond
Human eyes are capable of detecting a mere fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. This slender band of frequencies is known as the ‘visible light spectrum’ and its relatively tiny scope is responsible for literally every beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.
While the framework of our brains precludes us from seeing what lies outside our pintsized portion of the spectrum, those same brains have allowed us to take creative control of the source of our vision: light.
Just like the air we breathe, light is constantly available to us, so it’s easy to forget how important it is. Much like oxygen, though, it’s something we certainly appreciate when it’s absent. Our life, quite simply, would be impossible without the light of the sun. But, on a less extreme note, if you’ve ever struggled to find something in the dark, had your torch batteries fail, or lived through an English winter, you’ll have an appreciation of how important our man-made light is too.
And, if you’ve ever sat through a wedding reception, or any other momentous event, with the venue’s standard lighting as the only source of illumination, you’ll have an even deeper appreciation for the effect lights can have on your mood. You can’t help but feel, in the fluoro sheen of the house lights, as though you’re waiting for court to go into session or class to start. Not exactly the atmosphere you’re looking for at a party, wedding, or even a corporate event.
There’s a reason they put those lights on in clubs at the end of the night: they want everyone to feel uncomfortable and leave. They are designed to stop people from doing the very things you want them to be doing at your event: relaxing, connecting with each other and enjoying themselves.
If you think back, you’ve probably experienced this effect from lighting before; in a club, in the movies, or perhaps in the theatre. In plays and other live performances, lighting is used to direct attention to the right areas at the right times.
With the help of a professional lighting guru, you can harness this same potent energy for any event you may be planning. If it’s your wedding, the cake, flowers, bridal dress details, table decor (and anything else you’d like) can all be highlighted. This not only adds to the atmosphere of the moment, but will also shine through in the quality of photographs and video taken on the day.
You can draw focus to people as they get up to speak, to perform, to dance. Together, the lighting, sound and music can create a melodious flow, turning a predictable series of events into a thoroughly unique journey.
The most cost-effective option is to go for a sound and lighting company that can offer a package deal including music, lighting and other special effects. You’ll save money with the package and then again by avoiding the need to chase around multiple vendors (giving you the added benefit of saving time and evading stress).
A professional package can also include special extras like TV screens and projectors on which you can display photo montages, images and videos to add to the atmosphere you’re building.
Of the vast repertoire of equipment that can go along with a lighting package, one of the most distinctive, is a low lying fogger. If you say it in your best cowboy voice, it sounds like an olden-day insult, but what this little machine actually creates is pretty magical. The effect is like you’re dancing in soft, floating clouds, making it perfect for the first dance at a wedding.
There’s a multitude of effects you can choose from, but the main point is to remember the importance of light. It gives you life, draws attention, creates beauty, instantly affects your mood and is vital to ensuring your event is genuinely special.