How to Host a Kick-Ass House Party (and have fun while you’re at it)
Your two main goals when hosting a house party should be:

1 - To make it awesome for your guests;
2 - To have a mad time yourself.

The biggest mistake to avoid? Underestimating how much work that actually takes.
You could just wing it and put in minimal effort. But then you’re in danger of turning your neighbours against you, having the cops rock up and shut you down, or even just having a kind of lame party. And who wants that?
If you want it to be awesome, here’s the deal: you can’t do everything yourself. Unless you don’t want to have a good time. If you’re happy to be exhausted by the time the party starts and then spend the whole night parenting your drunk friends, then have at it.
But if you’re the kind of crazy cat who actually likes enjoying yourself at parties, then you need to get savvy about which tasks to do yourself and which ones to outsource.
What you should do:
  • Give the neighbours a heads-up. If you don’t want the police on your guest list, you have to make sure your neighbours have pre-warning about your party. That way, they can either come round, stay somewhere else for the night or just be prepared for a bit of noise. Not only will this cut down your risk of noise complaints, it’s also just the respectful thing to do.
  • Don’t be the next Cory Worthington. When making a facebook event for your party, be sure to select private, not public. You can then allow your guests to invite friends, if you want, or keep it strictly invite-only.
  • Drunk-proof your house. If you’re not sure how to go about this, imagine you’re about to be stormed by 50 toddlers, with no capable guardians, who have just been given copious amounts of red cordial. Now prepare your house for the invasion. Lock away anything you don’t want broken or stained, put away stuff people might hurt themselves on (seriously) and lock doors to rooms you don’t want them going in.
What you should outsource:
  • The music set-up. Thanks to some weird law of the universe, those who ask to put their music on at house parties will always be the ones with the worst taste. Take this possibility out of their hands by hiring a professional set-up. Depending on your budget, and supply of musically gifted friends, you can hire a DJ to run the whole night for you, or get a DIY package and ask a few of your talented mates to DJ for you.
  • Lighting. This is one of the most important aspects of a house party. Yet, for some reason, it’s often overlooked. If done right, lighting is the only decoration you really need. It looks amazing and gives you the power to get the dancefloor cranking and affect the mood of any room. Once again, you can hire DIY packages from a professional sound and lighting company. Packages can be tailor-made to include as much or as little professional input as you need.
  • Make a bar area and a food station but don’t worry about stocking either. Ask your guests to bring a plate of food and/or bottle of booze. With minimal effort, you will have given your guests a cocktail bar, an awesome array of food and the opportunity to contribute and say thanks for the wicked party.
Once you have these things sorted, all that’s left to do is add the special, little details only you could come up with – ridiculous costume themes, nerf gun battles, party games with an adult twist – whatever will have your guests saying “only you could come up with something like this.”