Use This Cinematic Secret to Make Your Wedding Shine
You may think it’s the acting, directing or even the editing that makes you feel things when you see a movie. In reality, the secret dictator of your mood is the music. Imagine ‘Titanic’, ‘Jaws’, ‘The Sting’ or ‘Requiem For a Dream’ without the soundtrack. Their emotional punches would be far less powerful.
Some clever directors, aware of this phenomenon, use the subversive method of withholding music from their films entirely. This tactic painfully accents the already dark and sinister worlds these movies explore. From horror films like ‘The Birds’ to thrillers like ‘No Country For Old Men’, a lack of music always foreshadows the eclipse of happiness.
How is this relevant to your wedding?
Well, it’s not just movies that are articulated with music. For most of us, the music we love becomes the soundtrack for our lives with certain songs so powerfully attached to our memories they’re able to transcend time and space, returning us to moments the laws of physics tell us should be out of reach. We’ve all felt this effect before but it’s easily forgotten amongst the symphony of stresses involved in wedding planning.
This is where the enigmatic figure that is ‘the Wedding DJ’ emerges as a vital player in your wedding preparations. Whether it’s a friend-of-a-friend who takes on the title for one night only, or a professional DJ (with a website and everything), Wedding DJs have a profound impact on the memories created at your wedding. They set the tone and lead you and your guests through the night. With control of the music and the procession of events, they have the power to craft perfect order or a perfectly terrible ordeal.  
Your wedding day should be momentous and memorable in all the right ways. But, no matter how experienced the DJ, no-one knows the details of your life as perfectly as you and your loved ones do. The right Wedding DJ will be aware of this and will have a system in place to allow you (and your chosen co-conspirators) to have as much personal contribution as you’d like.
A good Wedding DJ will also have an automated event planning system to enable you to have maximum input while exerting minimal effort, making the job quick, easy and stress-free – an invaluable combination in wedding planning.
Going with a company, rather than a solo DJ will also open up greater opportunities for you. Companies can offer a variety of DJs with different backgrounds and musical styles, giving you more options in the personalisation of your wedding package.
A reputable company will also be able to guarantee high-grade equipment and will be able to offer packages including lighting and special effects. Then, with one simple booking you will have triggered the creation of an all-encompassing atmosphere in which to nurture beautiful, everlasting memories on your wedding day.